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Creative Play

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Here we lay the foundations for the full development of each child’s unique personality and we highlight play as a means of learning, socialization and expression.

Our Rooms


Red Room

The Red Room is our art room, designed for all young aspiring artists

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Yellow Room

In our Yellow Room children dive into the world of books, theatre and puppet shows.

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Pink Room

Our Pink Room is all about gaming; here you will find fun puzzles, board games and collaborative activities that stimulate the mind.

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Green Room

The Green Room is all about science, technology, engineering, and math; here young scientists learn to comprehend concepts through trial and error and experimentation

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In the Kitchen children explore their taste buds while learning the values of a home-cooked meal.

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Blue Room

The Blue Room is our music room, where no instrument is left at peace and no little musician unsatisfied.

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About Creative Play


Who we are

Founded in 2009, we are proud to be an American-owned, English-speaking school that provides a safe and creative space for early learning and development.

We are three sisters who share the utmost love and admiration for children, and respect for childhood education.

Our Facilities

Our facilities have been designed with special care to ensure the physical and psychological safety of children. At the same time, the separate colour rooms constitute thematic islands of creativity, in which children are free to roam with the aim to discover and cultivate their skills, always with the supervision and guidance of the teaching staff.

Our Philosophy

It centers on the blossoming spirit of a happy child; one who grows every day under the light of a beaming, creative space, and fulfills their social, emotional, and intellectual milestones through imaginative play.

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Field Trips

Our Rooms

Special Events


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